Welcome to Daddy Squared: The Gay Dads Podcast! Husbands and dads Yan Dekel and Alex Maghen bring out issues that arise in the gay dads community as they discover the world of parenthood. Scroll down to the episode guide

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Episode Guide

Season-Special | Daddy Squared: Around the World

For the entire season Alex and Yan traveled to a different country in each episode, to learn about life for gay men and especially gay dads in the country from a local celebrity dad. Countries list
Also in every episode: MHB Corner: Daddy Squared partnered with non-profit organization Men Having Babies to provide you with information for gay men who are looking to build their families via surrogacy.

Inter-Season | Daddy Squared: Gay Dads Save the World

Shortly after the first lockdown in the Covid-19 pandemic, Alex and Yan wanted to raise the community moral and released daily 20-minute episodes for 30 day, speaking with a gay dad who’s a first responder in the pandemic: from the doctor to the guy who fills up the liquor stores; from the TV news anchor to the dad who works on the COVID vaccine: Gay Dads Save The World, 30-Day Challenge

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1