Daddy Square is a new weekly podcast for and by gay dads, joining the successful blog of the same name. Coming to you from West Hollywood, and premiering September 17 2018, Yan Dekel, an independent web designer, and Alex Maghen, SVP Technology at Warner Bros., are a married couple with 3-year-old twins. In each episode they bring a guest and tackle an issue that arises in parenting in general and in gay parenting in particular. All of their interviewees are professionals in their fields and gay dads themselves.

Future episodes will deal with Dad Bod, fulfillment at home and at work, different ways of parenting, and more.

Michael McAtee, Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles was interviewed on the first episode of our podcast, and talked about the effects of kids on parents’ relationships, including the decline in sex.

“[Lack of sex in a relationship] can be a signal that something is off in the relationship and can be potentially resolved,” McAtee says.

Hosts of the podcast, a couple of gay dads from West Hollywood, say that couples’ therapy helped them see each other in a whole new way, bringing the sexy back (if you will) to their 10-year relationship.

“Lack of sexual stimulation,” McAtee says, “can be an indicator that maybe it’s not the right relationship anymore, but other times it may be useful to talk about ways of spicing up the sexual relationship and that can include different kinds of novelty and things like that. If the partners are open to exploring other sexual partners with each other that can sometimes really light the fuse.”

Michael McAtee is a licensed therapist, a human rights activist and board member for PFLAG Manhattan Beach as well as Southbay LGBT Center. Additionally, he’s founder and co-leader of Free2bLGBT, a support group for LGBT teens based in the Southbay. In addition to private practice, Michael has worked in several clinics throughout Los Angeles including LA LGBT Center, Occupational Therapy Training Program, Children’s Bureau of Southern California and more.