Welcome to Daddy Squared: The Gay Dads Podcast! Husbands and dads Yan Dekel and Alex Maghen bring out issues that arise in the gay dads community as they discover the world of parenthood. 

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2.14 Daddy Squared Movie Awards!
Guests: Andrew Hotz,
Daniel Leary
episode details

2.13 The Schools Episode
Guest: Steve Disselhorst
episode details

2.12 Daddy, Which Belly Did I Come From
Guests: Heather Manoijlovic,
Erik Alexander
episode details

2.11 Adoption: Myths, Misconseptions
Guests: Nitara Frost,
Eufe de la Torre, Ethan Cohanepisode details

2.10 Interfaith Families
Guests: Brian and Ferd
Gays With Kids
episode details

2.09 Raising Girls
Guests: Eli & Ido
episode details

2.08 Father’s Day Episode
Guests: ‘Gay Pizza’,
episode details

2.07 Dad Shaming
Guest: Jeremy Hooper,
LGBT Activist
episode details

2.06 The Pride Episode
Guest: Ariel Foxman,
episode details

2.05 Transgender Kids
Guest: David Strah,
episode details

2.04 Cooking For Kids
Guest: David Burtka,
episode details

2.03 Traveling With Kids
Guest: Devon Gibby,
Dad ‘N Daddies
episode details

2.02 Family Equality
Guest: Stan J. Sloan,
Family Equality Council
episode details

2.01 Costs Of Surrogacy
Guest: Sam Hyde,
Circle Surrogacy
episode details

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