This Valentine’s Day we did the most romantic Daddy Squared episode we could come up with. With no guest in the studio, Alex and Yan reflect on love, marriage  – yeah, and even the baby carriage. We talk coming out, how we met (and almost broke up over sexting), why we stayed together, and some terrible times we went through in our relationship. This is our story. We’d love to hear yours.

If you’ve been listening to our podcast for the past 3 seasons (and we sure hope you have), you know we’re certainly not afraid to talk about ourselves. Warning: In this episode, that’s pretty much ALL we do!

In this half-an-hour special for Valentine’s Day we give you our back story: How we came out, how we met, our wedding, the hard times in our relationship and how we brought it back on track with couples therapy. We talk personal development and how having kids contributed to our personal growth – and contributes to our lunacy.

We doubt there’s anything all that unusual or crazy about our relationship (except for Yan’s unbearable taste in music), but maybe that’s sort of the point: We hope knowing us better will make the rest of season 3 and beyond feel a little… closer.

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Episode Credits

Co-Hosts: Yan Dekel, Alex Maghen
Opening Song: Deliver Me – The Beloved (Alex and Yan’s Walk-Down-The-Aisle song)
Daddy Squared Theme: Hercules & Love Affair, “Leonora” buy here
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