Raising articulate, communicative children begins from day one. Developing baby communication skills and setting good boundaries can result in a less-frustrated, happier baby. We talked with Etel Leit, a baby communications specialist, about teaching our babies language from day one, saying “no” and the types of no, toy recommendations and much more.

If you have a toddler in the house, you may have found yourself once or twice in a trance of saying ‘no’ to them. But ‘baby whisperer’ Etel Leit says that the secret of reducing the feelings that we are our kids’ cops, is  simply creating a ‘yes’ environment to begin with. “If there is something that they go and play with and you don’t want them to touch–just take this thing out instead of saying ‘no! No! No!” Etel says.

She adds: “I’m a curious person and I believe we should raise curious kids, so if you provide them with something that attracts their curiosity don’t be surprised when they go and play with it.”

As a baby sign language expert who also runs an online course for parents who want to learn communicating with their babies, Etel recommends teaching your baby three types of signs, “The three ‘F’ signs,” she calls it. “Parents remember that.”

The first one is Functional. For example Milk, or Daddy or any type of food.

Etel Signing ‘Milk’

The second F is Fun. Like a pet or a toy in your home – though not necessarily at home.

And the last one is Feeling. Because we want to expose our kids to feelings at a young age. Usually words like Happy or Frustrated or Curious.

Etel Signing ‘Happy’

One sign that parents tend to teach their kids and Etel strongly recommends to avoid, is “More.” “No more more!” She says. “Parents are excited because the child is signing something but what do I want more of? And more can easily become a cry and pointing. We want to teach our kids to be articulate. And these kids grow up to be very specific, articulated and communicative because from a young age they know to tell you exactly what they want.”

Guest Co-Host: Braden Sanford

Guest Host Braden Sanford

Braden is a blogger and a stay-at-home Dad raising 4 kids under 3… including triplets and identical girls (aka a valiant attempt to retain my sanity…). Braden blogs at doingitdaddystyle.com

Our Guest: Etel Leit

Etel Leit, MS, is a transformational empowerment leader and a consultant for communicating with babies. In addition to being the Founder and Owner of SignShine®, a communication center for individuals and families, Etel is a communication advocate, motivational speaker, parenting consultant, and a repudiated author. Etel a widely sought-out speaker at many conferences, workshops, and events across the world. Etel draws from her extensive background in education and writing curricula, as well as her research on sign language and parenting.

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Guest: Etel Leit
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