If you feel that after a vacation with the kids YOU need a vacation – you’re not alone! Traveling with kids is not always easy, sometimes we want them to have so much fun, that we forget to have fun ourselves. We brought on Instagram-known traveler and blogger Devon Gibby to share his experience and give us some tips on traveling with kids (and also without!)

“A lot of [my traveling] is pretty impulsive,” Devon reveals in Daddy Squared interview, “travel is the way that I express my impulses, like, I booked this flight [to LA] two weeks ago. With the kids is a lot more planning. We follow accounts on Instagram that track flights from Salt Lake City, if we suddenly find a great deal that we can’t turn down, well, we’ll do it.”

“I grew up camping a lot, I grew up in a farm in southern Idaho, and so traveling for us was either taking a camper or just tents and finding a place to camp for the night. So I didn’t do a lot of traveling until I was 19, I went on my Mormon mission to Trinidad and Guyana and I did not want to come home. My parents, at the end of my Mission they came to pick me up and we rented a car and drove all around the island, went on some hikes, went swimming in this fresh water streams, it was absolutely gorgeous. We camped on the beach, watched sea turtles lay eggs… I definitely fell in love with traveling then.”

Three tips about traveling that we learned from our discussion with Devon:

1. Let the kids pack their luggage themselves- like always, involving the kids creates a sense of control and purpose in them, which makes them more excited and determined to cooperate in traveling and well-behaving.

2. Don’t tell your kids where you’re going until the last minute– the element of surprise is exiting and doesn’t leave too much room for rejections or any unwanted drama.

3. Follow deals accounts on Instagram – it’s an easy way to get deals come to you rather than constantly looking for them

Do you have any traveling tips? Let us know in the comments, write us an email or message us on Instagram

Our Guest: Devon Gibby

Newly single and Proud dad Devon shares his adventures with his two kids to show that no matter what your family looks like, it’s worth celebrating. It takes a village, so Devon also highlights other dads and daddies that are playing a positive role in the lives of kids.

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