We may be done with diapers, but we are discovering many new messes to clean up, some equally disgusting. Season 3 of Daddy Squared: The Gay Dads Podcast is all about pulling out the ugly truth about relationships and trying to figure out what we, as gay men, bring to the table when raising our kids.

Co-hosted by husbands Alex, Tech Executive at Warner Brothers, and Yan, a web designer, fathers of 4-year-old twin boys. Daddy Squared is about gays with kids, it’s about parenting, and about embracing the imperfections.

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As always, we would like to involve YOU, not only to support each other, but also because we believe – we know – that the more the rest of the world hears the real, normal, stories of gay dads, the more they’ll realize how very much “the same” we all are. We want create a better, less prejudiced world for our kids, right?! 

Write to us and tell us your story, your ideas for episode topics, or just share your funny/crazy parenting experience. hello@daddysqr.com

We also added a phone number this season! Retro! So if you want to leave us a message sharing a story, advice, tips or anything else you can think of you are welcome to do so at any time! Call us at +1(213)793-8939
(note that we might play your message on the show!)

This season, in addition to Alex and Yan, we are introducing two guest hosts who will share their point of view, will help us navigate the season, and might even get a word in edgewise. We can’t wait for you to meet them! We’ll be talking about raising positive children (and not transferring our shit to them), relationship, marriage and divorce, fear and grief, shopping and gays on social media — plus so much more!