“Sometimes in relationships there is a sort of lack of sexual stimulation, right? like, two people kinda start to drift apart. Sometimes that can be an indicator that maybe it’s not the right relationship anymore. But other times it maybe useful to talk about ways of spicing up the sexual relationship and that can include different forms of novelty and things like that. If the partners – gay or straight- are open to exploring other sexual partners with each other that can sometimes light the fuse, sexually. Gay or straight, again, because this is not just a gay phenomenon…” Listen to episode 1: “You’re Still A Couple”

Daddy2 is a podcast for gay dads. Full line out of season one here.

Daddy2 is a podcast for gay dads. In collaboration with GaysWithKids.com, Yan Dekel, a web designer and writer, and Alex Maghen, a senior executive at Warner Bros., talk about issues that may arise for gay men raising kids. We are husbands and dads of 3-year-old twins with a determination to strengthen the community of gay dads and to share our struggles and triumphs (but mostly struggle) of parenting. We are imperfect, and strive to be good enough parents.