Encourage in-door creativity: work with your kids to create and decorate a notebook that is all about their lives; A year-round pictorial guided diary that will remained as a memory for years to come.

Here’s an idea for hours and hours of kids creative activity: A whole book dedicated to a year in the life of your kid! We take so many pictures of our kids every week- how often do we just sit and enjoy looking through the best of them? And do we always remember where’re the best ones out of the pile? The process of creating the book can be turned into an indoor creative activity for both the kids and parents in the ‘dead hours,’ when we can’t get out of the home. This can be a great “coffee table book” at home, to show guests, or maybe the perfect present to grandma and grandpa. It’s a modern way of scapbooking!


My Yearbook can be the renaissance of scrapbooking.

Not only can it be an enjoyable year-round activity for both parents and kids (the decoration possibilities are endless), it also encourages creativity and serves as a guided documenting process of the year, to flip through and keep as a memory for years to come.

My Yearbook is ideal for kids ages 1-6.

indoor creative activity for kids

Before you start.

You will need the following things: pen, scissors, glue, crayons or markers. If you have all sorts of stickers- great!

How to Start?

Don’t attempt to finish the whole book at once; My Yearbook is a year-round activity for the parents (and the child, if she’s old enough). Make it your “spending time together” once a month or every other week, to spark creativity in the child. Follow the instructions on the book and fill out, glue, draw, decorate and take photos as you wish.


Cover photo: Ideally you should try to print the cover photo (4×6 inch) on a full-page-sized sticker. If you can’t do it at home, try the local FedEx store. If you can’t find one, you can print a regular photo but paste it with enough glue so it won’t come off.

Hand Print Page: Best to do with Crayola washable finger paint – and with the direction and supervision of an adult. Try to do the hand print before working on the page on the right (“at the playground”) so that any unwanted paint spread to that page could be covered. Don’t forget to let it dry! 🙂

Baby Hand Print