As the number gay dads books are on the rise, we are giving them all a place in our library. Check out these books and show your support to the wonderful authors and illustrators by having a copy in your home. Book diversity matters!

NEW BOOK Olly & Lilly: The search for a new race team

Written by Matt Flukes and Illustrated by Lucie Cooke
Olly and Lilly are two excitable off-road bikes that love going on crazy adventures. Their journey begins by focusing on their story of adoption, finding a new race team family and the highs and lows this throws at them. It helps  to explore families, feelings and to build empathy and other important life-skills. 
Fi & Books; Ages: 4-6
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  • Pride 1 2 3
    Written by Michael Joosten and illustrated by Wednesday Holmes
    “One parade in the month of June” is the starting point for this sunny and summery counting board book. Quantified, for example, are three families of different kinds, four activists, six floats, seven divas, eight great signs and 10 flags waving “brightly with pride.” It all seems supremely natural, presenting even babies with a world of diverse folks, LGBTQIA+ and straight, and a world of acceptance.
    Little Simon; 22 pages; $7.99; ages 1-5
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  • Uncle Bobby’s Wedding
    Written by Sarah S. Brannen and illustrated by Lucia Soto
    Uncle Bobby (white), fiance Jamie (darker skinned), niece Chloe, family and friends. Only Chloe is worried about the upcoming marriage: Will Uncle Bobby still have time for her? The gay theme is almost incidental in this celebration of family love, shown to be unfailing and infinite.
    Little Bee; 32 pages; $17.99; ages 3-6
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  • Papa, Daddy, & Riley
    Written by Seamus Kirst and illustrated by Devon Holzwarth
    Riley knows about her “belly mommy.” She’s seen a picture of her. But two dads? She loves them both. She’s confused and doesn’t want to choose. Not necessary. “We belong together,” declares Daddy. Being nosy, I want to know about Riley’s backstory, but that’s not what this warmhearted book is about. Rather, it’s really about all the different kinds of families and the binding power of love.
    Magination Press; 32 pages; $14.99; ages 4-8
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Katy’s school is celebrating Grandparents Day, and Katy is nervous. She doesn’t want to introduce her grandpas in front of the class because she’s worried that nobody will understand her lisp. To make matters worse, when Katy tells her teacher that she’s inviting her gay and married ”grampas,” her teacher thinks she means to say grandma and grandpa instead of grandpa and grandpa.
Wise Ink Creative; 40 Pages; $17.95 Grade level : 1 – 2
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