It was just a matter of time, wasn’t it?! Everyone else has done it so now, introducing, the Daddy Squared Movie Awards. Our season finale this season, will hand a magnificent ‘Gayby’ Statuette in multiple categories of movies for kids and gay dads. The red carpet will be magnificent; Yan will be wearing Old Navy, and Alex will be incandescent in Target Couture.

Guest gay dads studio executives judges will decide who takes home the ‘Gaybys,’ and we need your help as members of the academy of gay dads: nominate and vote for the movies that, to your opinion, should get the ‘Gay Dads Recommended’ stamp.

Why Are We Doing This?

As the number of LGBT families in general and two-dad families in particular grow on a daily basis, we would like our type of families and values to be more visible and represented in kids’ movies. We hope to influence movie studios and executives to consider our community’s opinion and become a significant ‘customer buying power.’

Voting is now closed.

Our Categories

Best Feature With Something for Kid and Dad
[Whether it’s real quality for adults or just pretty men in starring roles, best film for your kid that you’ll love too.]

Best LGBT-friendly Feature
[Best Film to directly address LGBT people and lives]

Best Film for 350+ Viewings
[If you have to watch a film over and over again – which you will if your little kids love it – what should it be?]

Best First-Sit-Through Feature for Babies or Toddlers
[Feature Film most likely to hold very small toddlers’ attention throughout]

Worst Message
[Film with the worst, most damaging message for kids of gay dads]

Best Message
[Film with the best, most powerful message for kids of gay dads]