Dr. Liu with Ben Before the Surgery

Our Kid Just Had His Tonsils and Adenoids out at Two and a Half. Here’s What I Learned

Having the tonsils out for young kids is not so fun - and it sure ain't fun for the parents either. This post is about how to bring out all your parenting skills, there's no one who knows your kid ...
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Diaper Changing in Public Places

Zen and the Art of Diaper Changing in Public Places

One of the brightest insights I’ve had during my recent two-week trip with the kids to Israel was that if you are not lucky enough to have toilet-trained kids at two years old, you have to master diaper changing in ...
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"Gay Music" rules! Playing Kylie Minogue to your kids is great! Ask the gay dads!

Our Kids and “Gay Music”

When my boys were only a few months old I placed them nicely in their little Daydreamers and entertained them for an hour showing them a carefully-selected list of Kylie Minogue music videos, while enthusiastically updating them about the three ...
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Terrible Twos

Top Three Reasons Why the Terrible Twos are Terrible!

They call this age the “Terrible Twos” and having two of this is like... I have a problem. I always look around at other parents, wondering how come they seem to know exactly what to do with their kids, so ...
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On strict and Consistent Schedules and Knowing When to Break Them

Some parents will disagree, but having a consistent schedule--and especially night time schedule--for the kids, is not only healthy for everybody, it also makes parenting so much easier. My late aunt Rachel was a sort of magician with children. Never ...
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"Making a potion for a healthy child" - Witch Hazel

It’s the cold season: Don’t Toss out the Old Wives’ Tales!

The flu season takes its toll and while we struggle to maintain our own health, there's nothing we want more than a healthy child. Here's some natural "potions" from my family's long history of "witches" that can keep your child ...
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That Time When We Had a Huge Fight in Front of the Kids

Yes, we fight. We're not the picture perfect couple. Sometimes we even fight in front of the kids. And when we do -- we also kiss and make up in front of them. Alex and I don’t fight a lot ...
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That Time My Husband Went on a Three-Day Working Trip Out of Town

I worry I whine too much about how hard it is to take care of two babies (now toddlers), especially when for some parents it seem like a piece of cake. I think that to some extent the pain and ...
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This Parent is Broken: There Are Days When You Just Want to Return Them

I had a great idea for a blog post. It’s been circling around my head for a few days now. But just as I opened a new document and was about to type in the first word there was a ...
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How We Got Our Babies to Sleep Through the Night

Both Alex and I are very organized people. Before the kids came along, our days were pretty much regimented. We had our jobs, our workouts at the gym, our nights out and our lazy time in front of the TV ...
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