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Unbiased Intro to Surrogacy: Learn from Our Mistakes

If you are a gay man thinking about having a baby with the help of surrogate and egg donor in ...
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5×15 Gay Dads Connect (Season Finale)

Looking to meet other gay dads in your home town and beyond? in this Season Finale of Daddy Squared podcast ...
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Lessons Straight People Can Learn from Gay Marriage

Gays are here to 'fix marriage'. Read more

This Trick Might Stop Your Toddler From Crying

This Trick Might Stop Your Toddler From Crying

A whiny crying baby will make you lose your mind (and when you have two of those, it digs so deep into your nervous system, that you still hear it even when it’s not there). One way I’ve learned that can help you win in the battle against crying is distraction. When the kid sees […]

A New Generation of Gay Dads

A New Generation of Gay Dads

We’re the first generation of gays who can get married and have biological children in this way – and we don’t have to do everything exactly like the straight couples are doing. We can find our own way. Until I had children, every time I saw someone else’s – either in pictures or in person […]