couples therapy

3×05 Couples Therapy

Awkward silences, frequent “jokes” and cynicism for each other – and lack of sex can be signs for a couple to seek therapy. And when you have kids, the distance can be amplified since work/kids take all the focus off of the relationship. As avid couples therapy fans, we turned to Ken Howard, a therapist […]

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1×01: You’re Still A Couple!

Daddy Square is a new weekly podcast for and by gay dads, joining the successful blog of the same name. Coming to you from West Hollywood, and premiering September 17 2018, Yan Dekel, an independent web designer, and Alex Maghen, SVP Technology at Warner Bros., are a married couple with 3-year-old twins. In each episode […]

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That Time When We Had a Huge Fight in Front of the Kids

Yes, we fight. We’re not the picture perfect couple. Sometimes we even fight in front of the kids. And when we do — we also kiss and make up in front of them. Alex and I don’t fight a lot. We fight, but since we started couples therapy it’s been so much better. I think […]

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