Day: March 16, 2020

Interracial Gay Family Handbook

This interracial gay family handbook provides prospective gay parents ways to discuss racism, homophobia, instill positive racial identities, and honor their children’s birth culture. Divided to five main subjects, here’s the most common experience of interracial families. Reprint with permission from the blog Dad Daddy Kids, by Daddy Squared’s Gay Dads of Color episode guest, […]

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3×12 Gay Dads of Color

Do gay dads of color need to be more visible? Is being a gay dad of color a “thing” that needs to be discussed on its own? This week we tackle – ok, perhaps “approach” is the better word – racial issues with two gay dads: actor Joe Aaron Reid and activist Greg Yorgey-Girdy. We talked prejudice and extra-levels […]

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