Daddy Squared: Resource Page on Food and Nutrition

Ah, food. Can you imagine anything more primal in parenting? And considering that, as gay men, the very first step in food for our children (breastfeeding) is, very likely, out of reach 🙂, we’re already in a strange spot from day 1! Many of us have parents and grandparents who equated food with safety – even with love. So now here we are with a kid and with so much else going on in our lives but we still want to “set the table” for a great day and a healthy life for him or her. For some this comes easily. For Alex and Yan from Daddy Squared and for many other dads, not so much. Food is hard. Daunting, even! Over our 5 seasons, Daddy Squared has complained about this plenty – but also brought on some great experts with wonderful ideas. Here’s all the goodies…

Podcast: Cake for Breakfast (Season 5, Episode 10)

Many parents feel shame about giving their kids cake or candy and the idea of giving processed sugar became taboo among parents. In this episode of Daddy Squared we went on a journey to find the balance of nutrition for kids and found the “no-shame no-shade” method that will reassure you that your kids eat healthy, but at the same time not depriving them of sugar. We spoke to a nutritionist and a pediatric gastroenterologist, and came up with our own nutrition mix-and-match healthy meal cheat sheet. Go to episode page

Download: Alex and Yan’s Whole Meal Plan – Cheat Sheet

With the help of pediatric gastroenterologist Dr. Matthew Riley on our “Cake for Breakfast” episode, we created a one-pager that you can put on your fridge and can inspire planning meals for your kids. Just pick one item of each column – and get rid of the guilt of them not eating well. This is based on Dr. Riley’s no-shade no-shame method. Click here to download

Interview: Celebrity Nutritionist Kevin Libby

Kevin Libby (PH2 Nutrition) is a nutritional counselor with over 20 years of experience. He defined his purpose in service by continually adopting best practices in nutritional sciences. “When you’re approaching adolescent nutrition, whether it be toddlers or pre-teens, the number one thing you don’t want to do is assign any punishment or rewards to foods,” Kevin Libby advised on Daddy Squared podcast. “Otherwise you start creating a life-long negative behaviors around food. You want them to have a good relationship with food, it’s there to nourish them, it’s there to give them energy.” Listen to the full interview:


Daddy Squared Investigates: Top 10 Healthiest Fruit

Fruit that Boost Testosterone Levels and Prevent Diseases?? Sign Us Up! I  couldn’t help but ask myself: is fruit the answer to all of our health problems? Can it be that these delicious treats can help us fight colds, viral infections and even prevent cancer? This would be the 2nd most tempting discovery (after a pure-protein cake with no horrible after-taste). Read more

Podcast: Cooking for Kids (Season 2, Episode 4)

When you’re a young couple it’s easy to order in or dine out on a daily basis, but when the kids come along, spending time in the kitchen to prepare nutritious and healthy meals for them can become a problem for some dads. We turned to gay dad and celebrity chef David Burtka who just published his debut recipe book Life is a Party, to get some advice, inspiration, and support as we take our baby steps in the kitchen. Go to Episode Page