The Wolf Theory

Growing up I was constantly told that "it's a dog-eat-dog" world. It led to a distorted perception of myself, of society and of myself among society. There’s an old Latin saying that goes Homo homini lupus est. “A man to ...
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My Little Black Book: Dissolving the Fog of Vengeance

The world would be so unfair if people could do bad things and get away with it. But it happens, so it's time to cross people off the black book and understand vengeance - so it can be dissolved. Spoiler ...
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Helping my kids face their fears

Facing Your Kids’ Fear of the Dark and Fear of Death

Facing our kids' fears can be a challenge. We try as parents to protect our kids and to keep them happy all the time, so I guess when they start to develop things like a fear of death – subjects ...
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forgiving yourself

A Gay Man’s Guide To Forgiving Yourself

Forgiving yourself, or at least trying to, is to my opinion a very advanced place to be on the quest to self-healing and breaking the circle of shame. So if you are here, it means that you’ve already been through ...
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Heart for the Shirtless Selfie: The Paradox of the “Gay” Naked Body

For years I’ve been struggling with shame, thinking that I’m not good enough. But how much of it is constantly being fed by things that I don’t even notice that I’m doing? A quick search on Google images for “gay” ...
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From Koobeh to Charlie

Do you believe in pet reincarnation? I think I do. Especially after this crazy experience. August 23, 2019 was the day when the tragedy hit us. We were on our way to Las Vegas for a weekend, drove nearly six ...
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Gay Friendships and Why I’ve Joined Gay Group Therapy

For years I’ve been struggling with friendships. It was never easy for me to “make friends,” and since I arrived in America 11 years ago it’s only become harder. But what I’ve discovered lately is that I’m not alone in ...
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Lessons Straight People Can Learn from Gay Marriage

I believe that gay marriage is here to ‘fix marriage.’ I know, it’s a little controversial, and you’ve been hearing me saying this on our podcast, but think about this: for years, we gay men couldn’t get married and had ...
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How Our kids Learned Reading and Writing Before the Age of 4

I have a video of our son Ben at the age of 20 months standing in front of a sign to a “My Gym” and pointing while saying each letter on the sign. Our kids started learning to read more ...
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VIDEO INTERVIEW Shocking UK Surrogacy Laws leave British Gay Men with Nearly Zero Rights On Their Way to Fatherhood

You expect a country like the UK to be progressive with its laws when it comes to surrogacy for gay men, but the truth is far from it. Apparently, the woman who gives birth is recognized as the legitimate mother, ...
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