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Welcome to Daddy Square: The Podcast! Husbands and dads Yan Dekel and Alex Maghen bring out issues that arise in the gay dads community as they discover the world of parenthood. Scroll down to the episode guide

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Episode Guide

Season 1

  • 1.01
    You’re Still A Couple! Guest: Michael McAtee, Therapist
    episode details
  • 1.02
    Fulfillment (At Work and at home) Guest: Peter Gandolfo, Coach
    episode details
  • 1.03
    Dad Bod
    Guest: Tommy Woelfel, Spin Instructor
    episode details
  • 1.04
    Gay Dads Groups
    Guest: John Ireland, Pop Luck Club
    episode details
  • 1.05
    Single Gay Dads
    Guest: Calvin Fleming, Single Dad
    episode details
  • 1.06
    Pets and Babies
    Guest: Mark Hiebert, Veterinarian
    episode details
  • 1.07
    Making Babies (Part 1)
    Guest: Dr. Guy Ringler
    Reproductive Endocrinologist
    episode details
  • 1.08
    Entertaining Babies
    Guest: Mark Reis
    episode details
  • 1.09
    Stay-At-Home Dads
    Guest: Craig Sauer,
    Stay-At-Home Dad
    episode details
  • 1.10
    Working Dads
    Guest: Mike Stommel,
    Lucky Break PR
    episode details
  • 1.11
    Other Ways of Parenting
    Guests: David Dodge,
    Bill and J.R.
    episode details
  • 1.12
    MHB Conference
    Guests: Men Having Babies
    episode details
  • 1.13
    Making Babies (Part 2)
    Guest: Richard Vaughn, Attorney
    episode details
  • 1.14
    GBF (Gay Best Friend)
    Guests: Scott Bufford, Dwayne Landry
    episode details

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