2019 Wrap-Up: A 4-Year-Old’s Content Consumption

Toys, rainbows and Peppa Pig: we asked our 4-year-olds to wrap up the content that they’ve loved the most in 2019. It’s amazing to see that unlike us, the next generation’s celebrities really come from on-demand streaming services. First thing’s first: we do not have cable TV. Shortly after our kids were born we realized […]

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Las Vegas With Kids: Following Blippi’s Favorite Places

Vegas With Kids. Sounds like an oxymoron? Not really. Apparently kids’ YouTube star Blippi has turned Sin City into kids travel destination too. When all of the kids in their class were asked by their teacher what they wish for themselves for the New Year, they all said they wanted some sort of a new […]

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Daddy Squared: Mission Possible?!

So far on our podcast you’ve heard us talking about being gay dads with twins and now we’d like to show you some stuff too, from the lives of two gay dads and their twin boys in West Hollywood. In each YouTube episode we’re going to receive a ‘mission’ that we have to do with […]

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