Stay-At-Home Dad

1×09 Stay-At-Home Dads

Don’t mislead yourself: Stay-at-Home parenting is a full-time job – or more. It may be even tougher than the ‘traditional’ job because there’re no days off, no sick days, no Medical, Dental and Vision coverage and no bonuses at the end of the year. Nevertheless, many dads choose to stay at home to take care […]

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Vic Tellez: Adoption vs. Foster Care; Being A Stay-At-Home Dad

Vicko (Vic) Tellez from New York and husband Kevin adopted daughter Chloe when she was 4 days old. In this article, Vic shares his story and explains the difference between Foster Care and Adoption. Vic also speaks about the decision to quit his job and become a stay-at-home dad, and about facing the fear of […]

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