Musical Beds

How, for heaven’s sake, did I find myself fighting over sleeping space with our dog, folded like a magician’s assistant inside a slice box, in a 5-foot toddler bed at 2am?As we go through the “coming to daddies bed” phase every night, I struggle endlessly for my basic human right to sleep… somewhere for the […]

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Grand Park Fountains, Downtown Los Angeles

Embracing the “Imperfecter” Parent

Parenting is Challenging, especially when we look around and it seems like other people’s parenting is effortlessly perfect. On Saturday we took our kids to Downtown Los Angeles, to play at the famous fountains at Grand Park. Whoever thought of this idea is an absolute genius. In a city where the ocean is a) Icy […]

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On strict and Consistent Schedules and Knowing When to Break Them

Some parents will disagree, but having a consistent schedule–and especially night time schedule–for the kids, is not only healthy for everybody, it also makes parenting so much easier. My late aunt Rachel was a sort of magician with children. Never having children of her own, she karmically compensated by working her entire life as a […]

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This Parent is Broken: There Are Days When You Just Want to Return Them

I had a great idea for a blog post. It’s been circling around my head for a few days now. But just as I opened a new document and was about to type in the first word there was a knock on my home office door. It was our nanny. “Hi, sorry to bother you […]

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This Trick Might Stop Your Toddler From Crying

A whiny crying baby will make you lose your mind (and when you have two of those, it digs so deep into your nervous system, that you still hear it even when it’s not there). One way I’ve learned that can help you win in the battle against crying is distraction. When the kid sees […]

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A New Generation of Gay Dads

We’re the first generation of gays who can get married and have biological children in this way – and we don’t have to do everything exactly like the straight couples are doing. We can find our own way. Until I had children, every time I saw someone else’s – either in pictures or in person […]

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