List: 5 Ways to Introduce Race to Your Children Without Making a Big Deal Out of It

Parents talk about “introducing race” to their kids. But kids need no such introduction, it’s already part of their lives. Our job as parents is to make sure it’s available to them. After a week of devastation and depression following the horrible murder of George Floyd, I started seeing on the internet countless articles for […]

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2019 Wrap-Up: A 4-Year-Old’s Content Consumption

Toys, rainbows and Peppa Pig: we asked our 4-year-olds to wrap up the content that they’ve loved the most in 2019. It’s amazing to see that unlike us, the next generation’s celebrities really come from on-demand streaming services. First thing’s first: we do not have cable TV. Shortly after our kids were born we realized […]

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"Gay Music" rules! Playing Kylie Minogue to your kids is great! Ask the gay dads!

Our Kids and “Gay Music”

When my boys were only a few months old I placed them nicely in their little Daydreamers and entertained them for an hour showing them a carefully-selected list of Kylie Minogue music videos, while enthusiastically updating them about the three decade career of the pop princess that they had missed having not being born yet. […]

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