kids development

3×13 Free Range Kids

Have We Parents Gone Nuts? When we were kids our parents let us run around the neighborhood alone at the age of 8 or 9 – some even younger. Now parents accompany their kids to playdates at those ages. Have we become so fixated on our kids’ safety and on the quality of their experiences […]

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3×08 Baby (And Toddler) Whispering

Raising articulate, communicative children begins from day one. Developing baby communication skills and setting good boundaries can result in a less-frustrated, happier baby. We talked with Etel Leit, a baby communications specialist, about teaching our babies language from day one, saying “no” and the types of no, toy recommendations and much more. If you have […]

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3×03 Fear and Grief

After Losing our beloved dog Koobeh earlier this year, we faced the challenge of explaining death and grief to our kids. When we started working on this season of the show we wanted to create an episode that will help parents who had to experience loss in front of their young children.  We found Jesse […]

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"Gay Music" rules! Playing Kylie Minogue to your kids is great! Ask the gay dads!

Our Kids and “Gay Music”

When my boys were only a few months old I placed them nicely in their little Daydreamers and entertained them for an hour showing them a carefully-selected list of Kylie Minogue music videos, while enthusiastically updating them about the three decade career of the pop princess that they had missed having not being born yet. […]

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