Fruit that Boost Testosterone Levels and Prevent Diseases?? Sign Us Up! Daddy Squared’s Top 10 Healthiest Fruit

The (damn) Polar Vortex brought with it the cold season, and as a recovering hypochondriac I started researching alternative medicines. As my research progressed I found myself going over fruit’s and vegetables’ nutritional qualities – but I was far more intrigued by what I read about fruit… because they are so yummy. I  couldn’t help […]

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1×03 Dad Bod

It’s no secret that physical appearance is important for gay men. When you’re a dad and have so many other responsibilities maintaining your own body can feel impossible. In this episode we tackle the ‘Dad Bod’ question with our guest Tommy Woelfel, a certified spin instructor. Put your gym clothes on, because you’ll be motivated […]

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Dr. Liu with Ben Before the Surgery

Our Kid Just Had His Tonsils and Adenoids out at Two and a Half. Here’s What I Learned

Having the tonsils out for young kids is not so fun – and it sure ain’t fun for the parents either. This post is about how to bring out all your parenting skills, there’s no one who knows your kid better than you–so you are the most needed component in your kid’s recovery. When I […]

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"Making a potion for a healthy child" - Witch Hazel

It’s the cold season: Don’t Toss out the Old Wives’ Tales!

The flu season takes its toll and while we struggle to maintain our own health, there’s nothing we want more than a healthy child. Here’s some natural “potions” from my family’s long history of “witches” that can keep your child (and you!) happy and healthy Alex always says that he thinks I come from a […]

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