Foster Care

Interracial Gay Family Handbook

This interracial gay family handbook provides prospective gay parents ways to discuss racism, homophobia, instill positive racial identities, and honor their children’s birth culture. Divided to five main subjects, here’s the most common experience of interracial families. Reprint with permission from the blog Dad Daddy Kids, by Daddy Squared’s Gay Dads of Color episode guest, […]

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2×11: Adoption: Myths & Misconceptions

For gay men looking to become dads, the world of adoption sometimes may seem impossible to navigate. There’s so much information, so many opinions, stories, and ways to adopt that it may seem overwhelming. In this episode we’ve tried to lay the groundwork for adoption. A former social service worker, an LGBT specialist in an adoption organization and a gay dad with […]

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Vic Tellez: Adoption vs. Foster Care; Being A Stay-At-Home Dad

Vicko (Vic) Tellez from New York and husband Kevin adopted daughter Chloe when she was 4 days old. In this article, Vic shares his story and explains the difference between Foster Care and Adoption. Vic also speaks about the decision to quit his job and become a stay-at-home dad, and about facing the fear of […]

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