Becoming Fathers

Choosing Your Egg Donor: Will you have a baby with me?

Tips for finding the perfect woman to create your embryos. Written by Kristin Marsoli, parent through surrogacy and Marketing Director at Circle Surrogacy with Gina-Marie Madow, Attorney and Experienced Egg Donor at Circle Surrogacy. You are ready to grow your family and have determined that surrogacy is the right path for you. Hooray! One of […]

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Where to Start If You’re A Gay Couple Wanting to Have Kids

Gay couples who think about having babies: Three basic tips that can help you know where to start (and also how to spend less money) When Alex and I started thinking about having children, my late beloved therapist used to ask me, “Why do you want to have kids?” She asked me that every week, and […]

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A New Generation of Gay Dads

We’re the first generation of gays who can get married and have biological children in this way – and we don’t have to do everything exactly like the straight couples are doing. We can find our own way. Until I had children, every time I saw someone else’s – either in pictures or in person […]

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