Insta-dads: The Complete Guide to Gay Dads on Instagram

Many gay dads let us peek into their lives on Instragram. This is a good way to get a sense of what’s it like being a gay dad in various parts of the world.

Popular gay dads (more than 5,000 followers):

Devon and Rob, AKA ‘Dads Not Daddies’ (Utah)
Dustin and Burton (Texas)
James and Charlie, AKA ‘Papa and Daddy’ (San Francisco)
Yan and Alex, AKA ‘Daddy Squared’ (Los Angeles)
Jamie and Tom, AKA ‘Daddy and Dad’ (London)
BJ and Frank, ‘Family is About Love’ (Toronto)
Bryan and Mads (Denmark)
Eli and Ido (New York City)
Guy and Eric (Los Angeles)
Daniel and Jack (Los Angeles)
Kenny and Jamie (New York City)

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