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Interracial Gay Family Handbook

This interracial gay family handbook provides prospective gay parents ways to discuss racism, homophobia, instill positive racial identities, and honor their children’s birth culture. Divided to five main subjects, here’s the most common experience of interracial families. Reprint with permission from the blog Dad Daddy Kids, by Daddy Squared’s Gay Dads of Color episode guest, […]

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Dr. Liu with Ben Before the Surgery

Our Kid Just Had His Tonsils and Adenoids out at Two and a Half. Here’s What I Learned

Having the tonsils out for young kids is not so fun – and it sure ain’t fun for the parents either. This post is about how to bring out all your parenting skills, there’s no one who knows your kid better than you–so you are the most needed component in your kid’s recovery. When I […]

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"Making a potion for a healthy child" - Witch Hazel

It’s the cold season: Don’t Toss out the Old Wives’ Tales!

The flu season takes its toll and while we struggle to maintain our own health, there’s nothing we want more than a healthy child. Here’s some natural “potions” from my family’s long history of “witches” that can keep your child (and you!) happy and healthy Alex always says that he thinks I come from a […]

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Tip: Night Off!

Parenting is hard. It’s so hard that from work to kids (to gym) to sleep you can’t believe how fast the week has gone by and you did nothing but slave away at what can feel like an endless routine. Remember when we had friends? Especially friends who didn’t have kids? Remember sitting around talking […]

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How We Got Our Babies to Sleep Through the Night

Both Alex and I are very organized people. Before the kids came along, our days were pretty much regimented. We had our jobs, our workouts at the gym, our nights out and our lazy time in front of the TV. After the pooping-eating-sleeping bombs dropped in our house, we tried as quickly as we could […]

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Where to Start If You’re A Gay Couple Wanting to Have Kids

Gay couples who think about having babies: Three basic tips that can help you know where to start (and also how to spend less money) When Alex and I started thinking about having children, my late beloved therapist used to ask me, “Why do you want to have kids?” She asked me that every week, and […]

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This Trick Might Stop Your Toddler From Crying

A whiny crying baby will make you lose your mind (and when you have two of those, it digs so deep into your nervous system, that you still hear it even when it’s not there). One way I’ve learned that can help you win in the battle against crying is distraction. When the kid sees […]

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