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Daddy, Papa and Jasper

Miguel and Grant live in Toronto, Canada. They’ve been together since 2013 and married in 2017. Grant is Canadian, Miguel is from Spain, and a few years ago they started their surrogacy journey (which they claim they started talking about on their 3rd date!) that ended up with their baby, Jasper, being born in February of 2019.
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Daddy, Dad and Me

James & Sam’s journey to adoption started in 2018 and after struggling to find information for other same sex couples as well as realizing that there’s still stigmas attached to it, they decided to blog about their personal experience.
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Ariel Foxman’s online community centered on the collective parenting experience, with a mission to support fathers, nontraditional families.
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Designer Daddy

Brent Almond from Maryland is a graphic designer and illustrator who sparks creativity into fatherhood. The blog is home to his obsessions with pop culture and superheroes, the occasional crafting project, and his adventures being the gay dad of an adopted son.
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Brandon Does Things

Brandon Baker is a dad, husband and creative powerhouse. You might recognize him as the man behind Brandon Does Dallas. Whelp, he’s outgrown the Big D. Now in the ‘burbs, he and his hubby raise their toddling daughter and 3 fur babies.
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Erik Alexander from New Orleans, Louisiana adopted 2 daughters with his husband. He blogs to broaden the one sided view of the stereotypical American family.
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2 Dads With Baggage

This blog is so unique because both dads and daughters write: Dads Jonathan and Triton and teen girls Sophia and Ava cover travel, lifestyle, food & more.
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The Unlikely Dad

Tom (of England) embarked on an adoption journey together with his husband Daniel, who he met at 17(!), and discovered fatherhood.
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Doing It Daddy Style

Braden Sanford from Los Angeles is a stay-at-home gay dad raising a son and a triplets! Can you imagine?
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Karl Fernandez from Huntsville, Alabama writes about his emotional journey of adopting a girl from his home country, Guam.
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